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Category Archives: Chemicals

Granular Chlorine For Swimming Pools

COMPARE TO BIOGUARD, SUN, GUARDEX, AND PACE. Robelle Concentrated Chlorinating Granules are a super-concentrated, residue-free and fast-dissolving granular. Kills algae and will rid your pool of unsightly algae spots. Ideal for use

Bromine Tablets For Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

COMPARE TO HTH, PULSAR AND CHLORYTE. Bromine is a powerful and effective sanitizer like chlorine, but it is much less irritating to your skin and eyes. It produces no chlorine odor and

3 Value Chlorine Tablets For Swimming Pools

COMPARE TO BIOGUARD, SUN, GUARDEX, RX CLEAR, AND PACE. 3″ stabilized chlorine tablets are the strongest value tablets available at this price. That means they dissolve correctly and maintain proper free chlorine

1 Chlorine Tablets For Swimming Pools

COMPARE TO BIOGUARD, SUN, GUARDEX, RX CLEAR, AND PACE. Every 1 inch tablet weighs 1/2 ounce, and is slow-dissolving. Our 1 inch tabs provide 90% available chlorine! Same outstanding quality as our

Poolmaster Basic 5 Test Kit

Having the right test kit will ensure a well maintained pool! Use this dual test kit to test chlorine, bromine, and pH levels. Your whole kit is color coded in order to

AquaChek TruTest Digital Reader

AquaChek TruTest digital test strip reader will test the key pool and spa levels: chlorine, bromine, pH and total alkalinity. No more guess work in interpreting color results. Dip a test strip

Pool/Spa Frog Test Strips

These Test Strips are designes to test the levels of pools using a Pool Frog or to test spas and hot tubs using the Spa Frog System. Traditional test strips will not

AquaChek Salt Test Strips

Quality Test Strips for Salt Water Results in 3-5 Minutes! Test strips for salt titrators, sodium chloride. Results available with precision and ease through use of capillary action. 10 test strips. -Test

Calcium Plus

Prevents Corrosion of Plaster, Equipment, and Fixtures In areas where soft water is a problem, when water hardness levels drop below 200 ppm, you need to add Calcium Plus. Will instantly raise

AquaChek Blue Biguanide Strips

Quality Test Strips for Biquanide Sanitized Pool Water Test strips for biguanide, total alkalinity, and pH. Simplifies testing for pools and spas using biguanide rather than chlorine as a sanitizer. 25 test

AquaChek Red 4 Way Bromine

Tests for free chlorine/bromine, pH, total alkalinity. 50 test strips. -Tests Free Chlorine/Bromine, pH, and Total Alkalinity -50 Test Strips -Use for Pool or Spa

Super Shock

Super Shock is a fast acting, quick dissolving multi-purpose pool shock that sanitizes, clarifies, prevents algae and shock treats your pool. This is a 73% Cal Hypo pool shock. Easy to use

Total Alkalinity Control

Increases the total alkalinity of pool water without raising the pH out of the desired range of 7.2 to 7.6. Makes your pH and chlorine levels easier to control. Most pools should

pH Rise

Corrects acidic water conditions. pH level is key to your pool chemistry. pH Rise raises pH levels to the ideal range of 7.2 to 7.6 ppm, to prevent corrosion and eye/skin irritation

pH Lower

SAFER, EASIER AND LESS CORROSIVE THAN MURIATIC ACID! Use pH Lower to treat elevated pH levels that can cause eye/skin irritation, cloudy water and scaling that can damage pool surfaces and equipment.

AquaChek TruTest Test Strips

Test strips refill for the AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader. Tests for free chlorine/bromine, pH, total alkalinity. 50 test strips. -Refill Your Digital Test Strip Reader -Tests Free Chlorine/Bromine, pH, and

Liner Life Extender

Purchasing a new liner or want to protect your existing pool liner? Liner Life Extender is a specially formulated paste blend that is applied to the pool liner above the water line.

Powdered Shock

Super easy to use powdered pool shock Dissolves Faster! An extra-powerful start-up and maintenance shock that helps to improve the appearance of your pool by removing and preventing algae growth. When used

Non-Chlorine Oxidizing Shock

Our Shock is never cut with the filler ingredients the competition uses. Customers are always impressed with quality of results. Oxidize your pool water without affecting pH or chlorine levels. Swim 15

In-Ground Pool Over 20,000 Gallons

Get your swimming season started off right with our great-value chemical maintenance kits! Each kit contains stabilized chlorine, which should be used daily to provide proper sanitation, along with specially-formulated swimming pool