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Poolmaster 33 Launcher

The Water Pop Power Water Launcher shoots a powerful stream of water over 45 feet! With the ability to be instantly refilled directly from your pool, this toy provides fast action and

Poolmaster 24 Launcher 2 Pack

The 24″ Water Pop Launcher Blaster projects a powerful stream of water up to 45 feet! Quickly refills directly from the pool. The pack includes two launchers.

Texas Rec Bar Bells Blue

The Super Soft Fitness Gear Blue Bar Bells are great for aquatic work out. Antimicrobial coating protects users. Bar bells are used with resistance and repetition programs. Aquatic exercise reduces the stressful

SwimWays Toypedo Blast

Get the most out of your Toypedo Bandits with the Toypedo Blast. Shoot your toypedos 30 feet under water. Colorful and fun! ***For use with Toypedo Bandits***

Texas Rec Swim Bar Blue

The Super Soft Fitness Gear Blue Swim Bars are great for aquatic work out. Antimicrobial coating protects users. Swim Bars are used for shallow to deep water maneuvers. Aquatic exercise reduces the

Poolmaster Dive and Relay Sticks

Classic pool fun with this set of 6 numbered ‘lie flat sticks’ for diving and racing.

SwimWays Toypedo Bandits

Half the size of the Original Toypedo, but just as fun! Glides up to 30 feet! Brightly colored, numbered point values enhance game play. Great for pool or bathtub. Ages: 5+ ***Buy

Poolmaster USA Basketball Game

This is the ultimate pool basketball game available. Hard-body backboard and rugged 16” hoop with plastic netting will weather all storms. This sturdy hoop is built to last. The base can be

Poolmaster Volleyball/Badminton Combo

Combines two classic games in one. Pool fun will never be the same when you buy this super combo water volleyball/badminton game. This set includes a floating net, water volleyball (with inflating

Poolmaster Competition Goggles

Competitive & recreational swim goggles. Soft PVC eye cups. Non-slip silicone head strap. Polycarbonate lenses. Adjustable nose bridge. ***Colors may vary!

Poolmaster Fitness Goggle

Single lens design provides a comfortable fit. Shatter-resistant lens. Soft molded eye cups. Adjustable latex head strap. ***Colors may vary!

SwimWays Lazy Dayz Tube

Kick back in style with the ultimate tube! Includes built-in cooler that holds six cans and a single can holder. Offers super-sized head, neck, and back rests. Features Boston valve for easy

SwimWays Spring Float Papasan

The Spring Float Papasan is the most comfortable float ever! Sit-up style makes this float perfect for the ocean, lake, river, or pool. Springs open and closes instantly. Soothing mesh, papasan style

SwimWays Spring Float Sun Seat

Float away in the most comfortable pool seat ever. The Spring Float Sun Seat is the quickest way to start floating. It features a patented twist-and-fold storage system and the super-quick Jet

Poolmaster Junior Swim Mask

Junior/Young Adult mask. Dual window design for wide field of vision. Covers both eyes and nose. Assorted Colors. Ages 8+ ***Colors may vary!

Poolmaster Junior/Youth Mask

Clear plastic safety lens will allow you to see everything. Flared vinyl skirt comfortably fits the face. Adjustable head strap allows for anyone to use this mask. This mask is suitable for

Poolmaster Adult Mask

The Caribbean Dive Mask features a wide view plastic safety lens, a double feather vinyl skirt for easy fit, and non-slip adjustable head strap. ***Colors may vary!

Poolmaster Adult Combo

Includes lens mask, dry-top snorkel, and competition-style goggles. Fits young adult to adult.

Tranquilty ZEN Lounger

The Tranquilty ZEN Lounger has a durable, non corrosive PVC frame with large pontoond for comfort and stability. With its easy assembly, woven chlorine resistant seat and ultra comfortable pillow, you will


Forget fragile and bulky bags! Sitinpool is the only sofa that follows you on the water. Incredibly stable and unsinkable, enjoy the moment, nap or reading? Trim guarantees comfort and softness. Lightweight