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Category Archives: Safety Cover Parts

Safety Cover Buckle

Safety Cover Buckle

Safety Cover Storage Bag

Available in Green or Blue

Double Commercial Spring

Double spring typically used on commercial quality safety covers.

Paver Stake

Used for brick paver anchor installation. Anchor is inserted in to this tube. Tube is driven into the ground below paver.

Safety Cover On / Off Tool

Nylon Cover Removal & Install Tool

Anchor Collar

Conceals chips where hole was made in concrete. Also gives anhors a cleaner look.

Brass Wood Deck Anchor

Replacement Brass Wood Decking Anchor. Universal Replacement For Most Safety Cover Manufacurers. 2 Piece Threaded Style. Minimum order is a set of 5.

Long Spring

Replacement Long Stainless Steel Spring. Integrated Buckle Design Eliminates The Need For Seperate Buckle. Universal Replacement For Most Safety Cover Types.

Spring Covers

Protective covers for short or long springs.

Y Strap

Used when a slide leg, or diving board is in the way of a strap on the safety cover.