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Winter Pool Covers

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Auto Pool Vacuums

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Category Archives: Solar Heating

Ray-Maxx Solar Heating System

For Inground & Above Ground Pools. Self Draining. Each Solar Panel is 40 Sq. Ft (One 2′ x 20′ Panel 40,000 BTU per day)

Aboveground Pool Solar Heater

With the Aboveground Pool Solar Heater you can enjoy solar heated pool water long after summer has ended. With use of the solar panels, your pool water temperature can be raised as

Automated Solar Controller System

This Automatic Solar Controller kit will automatically turn your solar system on and off depending on the temperature you set it to. A wonderful addition to any solar system, to simplify the

Ray-Maxx 20K Solar Heating System

For Inground & Above Ground Pools. Self Draining. A Great Little System that will provide up to 20,000 BTU / Day from just one 2′ x 10′ panel!

Sunheater Diverter Valve Kit

If you wish to be able to turn the Solar Pool Heating System off, one Sunheater Diverter Valve Kit is needed. Use just one Diverter Valve Kit, regardless of how many Solar

Solar Panel Roof / Rack Mounting Kit

This kit is used To mount Solar Panels To Your Roof Or Rack. One Kit is needed for every Solar Panel being mounted to your roof or rack.